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All things are made to be broken. Rules/taboos/comfort zones/restraints.

The Code was launched from the Berlin fetish/party scene to give exposure to the independent designers and artists currently creating the aesthetic of the Berlin underground.

We built a space where individuals can explore and embrace their own kink, sensuality and hedonism–without the seediness, novelty and discomfort of a regular sex shop. A sex-positive place where anyone can feel comfortable stepping out of the norm, with respect, support and without judgement

When we embrace what turns us on, we find ourselves.

We each have a code, learn how to break it.


The back room of our Kreuzberg store is a gallery and exhibition space for local designers and artists that plays host to regular events, fashion shows and product launches.

If you are interested in using our back room to host an event or exhibition of your own, you can contact us here.

Room size: 10sqm. Ceiling height: 3.10m.

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